Terms of Service

Store Exchange, Return, Refund Policy
Exchange Policy
  • We will execpt items back within the first 30 days for exchange.
  • Exchange items need the original sales receipt.
  • Opened items are sujbect to a 15% restocking fee.
Return Policy
  • Returns are only accepted with the original sales receipt, and within 30 days of purchase.
  • Items without a receipt, or beyond 30 days will NOT be accepted.
  • All items returned for refund will be accessed a 15% restocking fee.
  • Special order items are subject to a 50% restocking fee.
Refund Policy
  • Items purchased on credit cards, retuend for refund are subject to a 15% restocking fee, and require the orginal credit card receipt.
  • Cash purchase are NOT subject to a restocking fee.

Credit Card Policy
  • Minimum Credit Card Charge $10.

Sales & Use Tax Rates for California.
District Taxes and Delivered Sales

We are required to collect Sales Tax on items shipped within California.

We DO NOT collect sales tax on sales outside of the State of California.

On sales within Los Angeles County we collect 8.75%, and sales within California, and outside of LA County we collect the statewide rate of 7.25%.

For additional information regarding District Taxes and Delivered Sales, please see the State Board of Equalization Publication 105.


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