DVI-A (Analog) to VGA Cables

DVI-A (Analog)Digital Visual Interface (DVI-A) Analog Cable - used for High-Res Analog, provides a higher quality picture than standard VGA, although some signal is lost from the digital to analog conversion.

These cables work for both VGA to DVI-A, and DVI-A to VGA.

6ft (2m) DVI-A Male to VGA Male Cable
DVI-VGA-06-sm.jpg DVI-A to VGA cables can be used to connect DVI-I sources such as PC's to VGA monitors. DVI-A to VGA carries analog video, that is completely compatible with VGA. Our cable with work with any DVI-A or DVI-I source, as DVI-A cables will fit DVI-I connectors.
SKU: DVI-VGA-06 RoHS compliant
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DVI-A Male to VGA Male Single Link 10' (3m) Cable
CC-DVI-VGA-2MM-sm.jpg 3M DVI-A (Analog) to VGA Cable (10')
SKU: DVI-VGA-10 RoHS compliant
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DVI-A Male to VGA Male Single Link 15' (4.5m) Cable
CC-DVI-VGA-2MM-sm.jpg 4.5M DVI-A (Analog) to VGA Cable (15')

(Cable may be 5 meters long)
SKU: DVI-VGA-15 RoHS compliant
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DVI-D (digital only)
DVI-A (analog only)
DVI-I (Intergrated, digital & analog)
M1 (integrated, digital, analog & USB)


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