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4 Way Video Selector Switch with Remote

4 Way Video Selector Switch with Remote

Product Description

4 Way Stereo Audio Video Selector Switch, 4 input to 1 output, w/ RCA Stereo, RCA Composite, and S-Video w/ Remote control.

More Information

4 Way Audio Video Input Selector with Remote

  • Push-button selector, from 4 sources
  • Input: 4 sets of RCA A/V connectors and 4 S-Video connectors
  • Output to either RCA or S-Video, along with RCA stereo
  • Good for VCR, LD, CD players, DVD players to TV output.
  • Dimension: 47 (H) x 190 (W) x 112 (D) mm
  • Input: Audio Video (3 RCA) or S-Video X 4
  • Output: Video (3 RCA) or S-Video
  • Remote Control Selection
  • Power: AC110V

SKU: VA-102-R